LITHIUM - The annual freshers' welcome program of BIT

Every year it is a customary in our college Bengal Institute of Technology to celebrate the Freshers' Day. The aim of conducting this day is to make the juniors feel welcome and to interact with them. The new academic year brings happiness and joy with the arrival of the juniors. To welcome them to the department and make them feel at home, the institute organizes a Freshers' Day, giving the new comers a step towards their graduation from the schooling days.

"A hundred new faces, but a million dreams" is what this occasion can be best described as. Welcoming these hundred odd a bright faces to an unchartered ocean of knowledge, fear and anxiety are bound to creep into these novice minds.

The day begins with the welcome, invocation and blessings from the almighty. A few words of wisdom are shared by our respected Director and Principal. The seniors and professors welcome the new-comers into this new threshold of life. Apart from this the 2nd year students put up by organizing a series of dancing, singing ,drama and other on and off stage events. As everyone sways with the rhythm of the musical bands juniors and seniors learn to bond along the lines of true friendship. We also conduct an exciting contest called "Mr and Ms Fresher" where the new-comers are given an opportunity to introduce themselves and participate in fun activities to win the titles. It is followed by experiences from couple of senior students, vote of thanks, followed by lunch.

It's a subtle effort to make their celebrations big, nurture their dreams and deliver words of wisdom to the juniors.