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In the Memory of Stephen Hawking
Bengal Institue Of Technology presents

Hon'ble Stephen Hawking
"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."
The Thinker. The Unfathomable. One of the greatest minds in all the
human history. Indeed Stephen Hawking was the Genius of the
Geniuses. His excellence was unparalleled. The way he contemplated
and explained the unending and vague conspiracy of the universe
was nothing less than magical. In each of his findings, he was bound
to give us unimaginable thrill and leave us astounded. He paved
the way for us to think beyond our imagination. His pursuit in finding
THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING brought along exceptional discoveries that were
once just visionary. His legacy is nothing sort of extraordinary
and is undeniably indelible.
ALthough he has left us to rest in paradise, we are and will
always be inspired by his drive. Born in 8th January,1942 , he struggled
from the very beginning of his life. But he overcame those obstacles
to let us witness the extravagance of the beyond.
This year at BENGAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY we are dedicating
our annual Technical Fest to one of the most spectacular and dominant
visionaries humankind has ever been spectator of. We pray that
he will continue to guide us through his blessing.
Bits2Bytes is the festival of technology, science, knowledge, skills, talents
and colours. It is the Annual Technical festival of BIT which is organized
in the collaboration of enthusiastic students and experienced faculties of the
Institute. It is one of its kinds, which harbors knowledge, skill and
performance excellence in one. Since the time of inception, steadily
the festival has gained its glory. Among the contemporaries,
Bits2Bytes wears its crown in events like Aeromodelling, Quad-Copter
, Electronovation, Robotics and Films. The grandeur of Bits2Bytes lies
in consistently surprising the critics wih distinct discoveries and novel ideas. It is a
two-day long festival held in the BIT college campus, hosting amazing range
of events with cash prizes and other prestigious accreditations.

Bits2Bytes 2019 themes on “The Theory of Everything” in memory of
the inspiring scientist of the era “Stephen Hawkings”. Inspired from
previous successful events, Bits2Bytes-2k19 is launching 33 exciting events
with 9 new mind-bending events. The new events this year are: Line Follower
Bot, Robo-Queen,Predict-O-Code, TechToDate, Quizscript, Ideathon, Bio-Enigma
, PUBG Mobile, Phy-Chem Project. The 14th edition of our Tech Fest will take
forward the long attained glory, and promises to inspire and showcase new
talent as always, to infinity and beyond. B2B-2K19 is prepared to unleash and
relish technical marvel, innovative thinking and unstoppable celebration of